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Creating Beautiful Environments

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Update or Start from Scratch

Capture your dream, make a plan, and make the plan a reality!

At Home

Make your home your retreat. 

At Work

Make your business a special place -

a place customers will want to enter again & again.

what do we do?

Capture Your Dream

  • Visit your space
  • Discuss your vision, the feeling you are looking for, and your ideas
  • Measure and Photograph your space
  • Offer some on-the-spot ideas

Plan Your Space

  • We go to work creating a cohesive plan for your space with the look and feeling identified in our initial meeting.
  • We create two Idea Boards per space or room. The Boards include detailed recommendations for each room, including at least two choices for layout, paint, flooring, trim, lighting, rugs, furniture and accessories. 
  • You will receive the boards with links to sources for items on a private, custom Idea Board. (There is no obligation to use any of the sources; they are simply provided for your convenience.) Many residential clients choose to stop here and beautifully execute their amazing transformations on their own.

Make the Plan a Reality

  • This phase is for the customer who needs full-service. Anyone involved in new construction, major remodels, updates for resale, or simply has time constraints, will love this service. Ever watch Chip and Joanna, or While You Were Out and dream of walking into your room and seeing it complete and perfect without even lifting a finger?! We  can do that for you!  
  •  After confirming the boards with you, we will source, shop, and purchase all the recommended furnishings and accessories, bring them to your space and create the  space for you! We can do it WITH you or FOR you.   

Get Noticed

Oops, look who was on an episode of Flip or Flop Atlanta on HGTV!

And check out our CotY award winner from the National Association of the  Remodeling Industry! 

Create Environments You Love

The work done by Diane at Dr. Angel Paas's Kennesaw Gynecology office was featured in an article in LittleBlackDress.com. 

Check it out!


Respect your budget!

We work on a flat fee for capturing your dream and for creating your boards.  We provide you with very accessible sources that you can order directly from, like Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs and Crate and Barrel.  We do not buy them for you (but we can if you like) nor do we mark anything up. If you choose to have us shop for you, we will only charge for our time to do so.  

about diane

Creating Beautiful Environments


I grew up in the country. Nurtured in the cradle of a steep valley, rocked on all sides by mountains, I am not sure when my fascination with design began. Perhaps, it could be seen early when I would elaborately decorate mud pies with leaves and flowers, making them look good enough to eat, or when I would find nooks in the hills to store my comic books and jutting rocks to serve as shelves for plastic dishes and spoons. Perhaps, it could be seen the time I convinced my mother to let me cover the walls of all the bedrooms with contact paper, or that time in college when our housing was a rickety mobile home, and I slipped around the back of a flooring store and salvaged some bright pink shag carpet from the dumpster to cover our floors. Yikes!  

Certainly, the desire to have creative control of my surroundings was fanned into flames when I found the theatre. As a director - on a budget - I had to be creative with materials and finances to design and produce spaces that give forth an illusion: a stormy night - a haunted mansion - a nostalgic American Christmas - a cozy family kitchen - you name it.  Theatre was the perfect training ground, and I found it fascinating. Using concrete things, color, and light, I can create an atmosphere that makes people feel something! Design and decoration of space evokes feelings from those who enter. How cool is that!  

What do you want your family or friends or customers to feel when they enter into your space? What do you want to feel? Whether it is an immediate sense of calm and serenity, or of high energy and fun, or of welcome and inclusion, let us help you create it.  

If you are making selections for a new home or business, or remodeling an outdated space, or preparing to sell, we can help. Give us a call for an initial consultation. 

Warm regards,  

Diane Watts 

Watts / Edwards  



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